Karima Trading Ltd. is a distribution company which works in several directions: 
1) Clothes for children:  overdress  and knitted clothes, underwear and hosiery products
Here you will find the best model of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers of high quality, bright colors and attractive designs, most of goods are made from natural materials. Presented products are designed for different age groups and seasons.

2) Infants and toddlers:  baby furniture, car seats for children, baby bathing ring, colorful and reusable diapers, uniquely designed mattresses and game mats for the development of kids, pillows, single and reusable bibs and aprons, and other children's accessories;

3)  Goods for adults: clothes and hosiery products. The proposed  for professionals and for personal use manicure sets, manicure instruments and accessories are made of stainless steel, sharpened by hand and have a pleasing design.

4) Goods for pregnant and lactating mothers: comfortable clothes for pregnant and lactating, slings and sling beads. All products are made of natural high-quality materials.

5) Home and Decor: curtains, paintings and ceramics of the Ukrainian producers.